Celebratory Lunch

Nicola Banner

'Mrs Janet Twining, resident of Salcombe with connections to the town going back almost a century recently celebrated her 100th birthday which incidentally falls upon the same day in July as the beginning of the NHS. Part of the celebrations was a buffet lunch at Cliff House, Salcombe involving four generations of her family. We started our preparations several months before the event wanting Cliff House to host the event so early booking was essential. Cliff house is an important location as many of the family have sailed past Cliff House over the years and it has proved one of those iconic buildings along with the yacht club for many a sailor. From the beginning Cliff House has offered a highly professional booking service and approaching the day the organisation and attention to detail has been meticulous. The library was chosen for it's wonderful view and with ample space for all the guests. The views from the balcony proved a great hit with all the guests too. As a family we were extremely pleased with cliff house and we would recommend it to anybody looking for that perfect location for that perfect celebration' Mr Richard Carter