Entertainment Ideas

The wedding is in full swing and there is a little window of opportunity to surprise or amuse your guests with some light entertainment –  here are three of our favourites!

A Magician

We all know that when we attend a wedding we will be meeting people we have never met before; a magician is a great way to break the ice.   Delighting your guests with their trickery, Magicians are super for warming up a party, expertly working the room and entertaining both young and old alike.

A Caricaturist

How much fun would this be? Lasting mementos of your special day and captivating entertainment for both you and your guests.  Caricaturists can provide a very unique record  of your wedding day as well as offering individual sketches of your guests for them to treasure.

Singing Waiters

Want to pack a punch and offer some drama?  Well singing waiters are the entertainment for you!  One minute waiting your tables or serving fizz, the next bursting into spontaneous song – an incredible show which leaves your guests shocked, surprised and thoroughly delighted.